Sensys receives sub-orders from the Swedish Transport Administration worth SEK 85 million

SENSYS Traffic AB has received sub-orders worth SEK 85 million from the Swedish Transport Administration regarding deliveries to the Swedish ATC system. The orders indicate that the Swedish Transport Administration intends to expand the ATC system, which implies a greater business volume than first anticipated for Sensys in the forthcoming years.
The orders embrace measurement systems, measurement cabinets and spare parts for vehicle-speed enforcement. Close to two-thirds of the SEK 85m concern the replacement of existing ATC systems, while the remainder relates to new instalments of ATC systems. Together with deliveries already made, this implies that the contract’s minimum order-value of SEK 110m has already been surpassed. Installation, start-up and maintenance are not included in the amount of this order, but will be consecutively added during the year.

”I am looking forward very much to seeing the effects of the new technology coming out to the roads and improving traffic safety in Sweden. The value of the order and the structure also indicate that the overall value of the contract for Sensys during the first three years will significantly exceed the minimum contractual amount of SEK 110 million,” says Johan Frilund, CEO of Sensys Traffic AB.

Deliveries are expected to start in the second quarter and continue into the fourth quarter. As of the second quarter, Sensys will also perform all preventive and corrective maintenance of both existing and new ATC systems. Further to these sub-orders, about two-thirds of the existing ATC systems will then remain to be replaced.

Sensys Traffic is obliged to publish the information contained in this press release pursuant to the Swedish Securities Market Act and/or the Swedish Financial Instruments Trading Act. Such information was submitted for publication at 4am on 6 February 2014.